Sunday, April 12, 2015


Sometimes I wish
I could see myself me as others see me
Would I like what I found?
Would I be surprised, or ashamed?

Sometimes I don't want to be me
Wish I could move to a brand new place
Start over fresh
Where nobody knows me

Sometimes I feel alone in a crowd
Sometimes I feel smothered
Sometimes I really try
Sometimes I only pretend to

Sometimes I feel like the boy who never grew up
Sometimes I feel like an old broken down man
Sometimes I wonder why I was given so much
Sometimes I wish I had a little more

Sometimes my heart hurts
Sometimes believe it or not
I still think of her
But it's not the same

Sometimes I turn to the Bible
Sometimes I turn to pills
Sometimes I want to stop the world
I never asked to be on this ride

Sometimes I think about leaving
Would anyone miss me, really?
No wife, no kids
Sometimes that scares me

Sometimes I can't sleep at night
Sometimes I don't sleep alone
Sometimes I stay out late
Sometimes I stay out of sight

Sometimes I'm scared
Of living
Of dying
Of alone
Of together
Of marriage
Of divorce
Of forever
And never

I'm scared of heaven

I'm scared of it all

I don't make sense


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