Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Out here on this sea
'Neath white cloud castles
My vessel a float
The sound of waves crashing
More than enough
To spark memories of you

Knowing I should swim
Against the current
I close my eyes
And begin to drift
Feeling every undulation
Of the ocean beneath me
Not caring where it takes me
Not wanting to wake
From this dream

After awhile --
A moment, an hour
A day or three
My vessel comes to rest
It startles me awake
And I find myself
Far downshore from where I started
The progress I had made, lost

So I begin again
Heading out into the deep
I swim against the current
The salt in the water
Burning my eyes

Water washes over
My footprints in the sand
So no one knows
I was ever there

Too many days
I let the waves
Carry me
Where they will