Monday, May 14, 2012


Soft, soundless summer rain
I think it strange
No electric light show
No ruckus of thunder
Only misty cloak of heaven
Almost apologetic
Trying hard not to disturb
Kissing thirsty petals
Sating creation's desires
Subduing earth's clamor
If only for a spell
Pouring out puddles

As one child splashes
I remember another
Certain summers ago
Fearless, laughing at life
I lament his loss
Ponder what became
(He, being me)

He would seek cover
But for this day only, he remains
Splashing, laughing at life

Some may think it strange

Sunday, May 6, 2012

gorgeous girl

Gorgeous girl
I have memorized your picture
It's the only one I have of you
And it's burned into my brain

Gorgeous girl
There's so much we never got to do
Do you hear me when I speak to you
I wonder can you feel the rain

Gorgeous girl
If I could see you I would run to you
We'd play any game you wanted to
And I'd let you win them all

Gorgeous girl
Tell me are you ever proud of me
What sort of friends do you think we'd be
It's so unfair we never got to see

But I know where to find you
Up here on this hill
And I'll always come back to you
I promise you I will

Gorgeous girl
Well I guess I should be going now
Not much new to tell you anyhow
Still miss you more than words can say