Friday, March 29, 2013

could i still...

Hello, friend
Could I still call you friend
It's been so long now
Days melded
Into a blur
Of weeks and half-years
Ofttimes I have thought of you
Fondly, always
Heartbreakingly, sometimes
We are bonded
By our humanness
And divided by the same
There are reasons I know
And others I never
Why this must be the way

Oh, friend
Would you still call me friend
On fitful days I go
To the one place
I know I can find you
And when I see you there
A smile breaks
Across my tired face
Silent and still
In virtual shadows
I remain unseen
To know you are well
Soothes the scar
And tempers the void
A lonesome raindrop
On dry, forsaken ground
Sweet, but short-lived
And never enough
But it is all I have

Goodbye, friend
Could I still call you friend


  1. So incredibly heartfelt...this is beautiful. I'm betting this person would most definitely still want you to call them friend. Happy Easter, Bone~~ :)

  2. It's beautiful and fun to read.
    Everybody wants to know how people once significant in their lives are doing.
    It got me all sentimental

  3. This is heartbreaking and wonderful.